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by admin on Thursday, June 21, 2018 3:40 AM

delighted with our decision to move to Bloomington Con't

by admin on Monday, October 1, 2012 1:11 PM

Now on to this past weekend......Saturday morning found us at the Farmers Market where we could stock up on great fresh produce and meats.  

Alex, our youngest, had his first ever audition with Cardinal Stage, (wonderful opportunity of kids) and the excitement continued right into Sunday evening with the Chef's Challenge benefiting the Community Kitchen.  This event was energized with great samplings of food from several local eateries as well as a showing of the towns "who's who" that get involved and offer support.  We took the kids and they LOVED IT!  My youngest would like to take money out of his college fund and bid on the chance to eat the prepared food on stage with the judges next year.  

I'm sooo happy to be living in Bloomington.  What a city!!!!!!

Delighted with our decision to move to Bloomington

by admin on Monday, October 1, 2012 10:08 AM
These past two weekends have been so full and enjoyable that I must tell!

Saturday Sept 22nd, five ladies from our neighborhood competed in the Lake Lemon Triathlon.   We have used triathlons all summer as a mode/goal to keep us exercising.  Great Event.

My husband and I were in need of a get-away.  Because it was the Lotus Festival Weekend, we booked a room in downtown Bloomington at the Hilton Garden Inn and commenced to vacationing in our own downtown.  What a treat.   We enjoyed dinner at Root, shopped the Venue, and went to several fantastic world music concerts.  We had a 45 minute break in our concert schedule and strolled into Restaurant Tallent for a glass of wine and their yummy artisan cheese sampler.

Then went on to several more Lotus Festival concerts before walking back to the hotel.(no driving Yea!)  The next morning we had breakfast at Scholar's Inn.  I knew they had delicious baked goods but I was delighted to find interesting choices like spicy egg sandwich on the breakfast...
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