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The Beauty of Dance
New for 2018!

Mary Hoedeman Invites You to Experience
The Beauty of Dance … 

Dance is a wholesome fun activity that improves: 

  • Your Health 
  • Balance and coordination 
  • Agility and flexibility 
  • Cardiovascular health and much more 

Your Social Life – Most dance groups include all
age groups:

  • Teens, Young Adults, College Age
  • Singles or Couples
  • Seniors 

Mary Hoedeman’s latest, most innovative, teaching
creation, DanceToday™, was truly designed with
today’s dance student in mind. 

In this exciting new program, Mary incorporates today’s
music, today’s technology, and today’s need for convenience
to provide you with a 21st-century dance training program that
cleverly combines online training videos with personal, one-to-one video conferencing. 

DanceToday, ™ is the most inventive, technologically advanced, yet personal dance learning program available today. 

Mary will happily tailor her new program for special groups like schools, wedding parties, retirement parties, New Year’s parties, family gatherings, large or small groups. 

Contact her at!

Within months she was winning professional competitions, a pattern that led her to numerous National Championship titles; repeated placement in the top 5 competitors in the world; and a 12 year, 340 day per year, teaching and performing touring schedule throughout the US and Canada.

   In 1990 Mary became her own film producer when she, and her company, Country and Western Dancing U.S.A., filmed the instructional video called "No One Has Two Left Feet". By 1993 the Pepsi Cola Company had recognized Mary's talent and charisma and made her a national spokesperson.  Read More

Mary recently choreographed a dance and organized a flash mob on Indiana University Campus  to Andy Grammer's Keep Your Head Up.

The purpose is to bring awareness to poor posture and health risks associated with looking down at smart phones and tablets.

Watch the flash mob here.

Check Mary out on YouTube! Many of her competitions were filmed, and have now been uploaded for your enjoyment!    

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